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Travelling as a family

Air Corsica provides specific assistance and supervision services to make travelling as a family, for children and pregnant women easier. 

Organise your journey with complete peace of mind.

Travelling with a baby

Travelling with a baby

Your baby (under 2 years old) travels free on the lap in metropolitan France and benefits from a reduced fare on international flights.

For your and your baby’s comfort, you can also choose to book a seat for your baby. Your baby benefits from the child’s fare.

To take advantage of our services and make your flight more pleasant, please notify us when booking that you will be travelling with a baby.

Accompanying a baby

  • During the journey, the baby* must be accompanied by an independent adult who is at least 18 years of age and who is related to the baby*.
  • An adult passenger may accompany two babies (under two years of age) on the condition that one of the two must occupy an individual seat reserved at the child’s fare, and must be strapped into an approved infant  car seat or carrier.  For an adult travelling with two babies, the booking can only be made by telephone on 0 825 35 35 35 (€0.20 incl. VAT/min) and, from abroad, on 00 33 4 95 20 95 20 (n ° not surcharged), 7 days a week from 8:00 to 20:00 .

Exceptions: the accompanying adult may be under the age of 18 if he or she is the child's father, mother or legal guardian.

Priority boarding

  • Families travelling with a baby will be offered priority boarding.

Practical advice:

  • Please remember to ensure you have all of the documents for your infant required by the police, customs agents and immigration officers at your destination country.
  • Travel is not recommended for infants in the seven days following birth.
  • During take-off and landing, give your baby a dummy, bottle, lollipop or biscuit to reduce possible earaches.
  • When travelling with a baby, baby food (milk or fruit juice) can be transported and is not subject to the regulations regarding liquids on board.

Special baggage allowance

If your infant is travelling on your lap, you can transport for them one item of hand baggage up to 10 kg whose dimensions do not exceed 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm and a small folding pushchair whose dimensions do not exceed 15 cm x 30 cm x 100 cm. In the hold, the baby can bring one baggage item weighing up to 10 kg as well as a car seat, pushchair or flexible pram.

If you have reserved a seat for your baby (child’s fare), they receive the same baggage allowance as an adult and you can bring a car seat (maximum width 42 cm) that can be fitted on an aeroplane seat and clearly labelled with EU approval.


Entirely collapsible lightweight strollers (whatever the brand) of which dimensions does not exceed 15cmx30cmx100cm and a weight of 8 kg when traveling on ATR or 12 kg on Airbus, are allowed free of charge as a hand  baggage for babies of children ; strollers of any other kind are to travel as baggages in hold, properly packaged. They are part of checked baggage allowances, free of charge for babies only. According to the  selected fare, from 2 years old, one or two piece of baggage up to  23 Kg and 158 cm each, are included in the children’s baggage allowances. If the number of baggages exceeds the checked baggage allowances, an extra payment shall be made. When traveling on ATR, lightweight strollers  will benefit from ticket receipts during the check-in, and shall be given to the person in charge of placing it in the hold, right up to the plane.

Pregnant women

Air Corsica accepts pregnant women on board without medical clearance, but we recommend you seek your doctor's opinion before travelling and obtain medical certification specifying that you are in a fit state to fly.

Travelling during the seven days following childbirth is also not recommended.

Advice for pregnant women

  • Choose loose and comfortable clothing.
  • Wear compression stockings to facilitate blood circulation.
  • Walk around from time to time. Reserve an aisle seat so that you may leave your seat with ease.
  • Drink often, but avoid carbonated beverages.
  • Avoid overly generous portions at mealtimes.
  • Attach your seat belt below the abdomen, low on the pelvis.
  • Avoid travel in the last month of your pregnancy and during the seven days following childbirth.